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Writing articles over the last few years has been more than a blessing!  Not only did I fulfill a lifelong dream to be a published writer, but it also gave me a chance to “pay it forward.”  Each article was written with the ultimate goal of bringing smiles and hope to those that may be facing their own personal challenges.   

Little did I know that writing for the paper would eventually change my teaching career as well!

Buried Treasure
Cheryl's Adventure
By Cheryl Copeland

Life sometimes has a way of getting in the way of living.  Each and every one of us has special traits that God designed just for us.  If we fall into the typical Rat Race of life we run a high risk of pushing our greatest gifts deep within; they become buried treasures within our soul.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Weddings, and Baby Showers! Each special occasion is often celebrated with the joyous tradition of giving gifts. We sometimes wrap them in boxes with specifically chosen paper and matching ribbons and bows or fit them snuggly in beautiful bags with overflowing bright sparkly tissue paper.

Taking time to enjoy precious moments and create memories that will last a lifetime!   Photo Courtesy of Brian Whitlow

Hannah gathered her three children, their belongings, and tests that needed to be graded that evening.  As they hurried out of the classroom she reminded them of her son’s lacrosse practice; it was imperative they remain on schedule.

Mary-BethbwCheryl’s Adventure - Someone else’s shoes
By Cheryl Copeland

The alarm clock began buzzing. Kyle wanted nothing more than to snooze for five more minutes. Five more minutes of peace. Is that really too much to ask for, he thought. But he knew better than to risk being late for school.

Giving a ‘shout out’Gma-002
Cheryl's Adventure

By Cheryl Copeland

A young girl's sweet sounds echoed in the shower as her mother reached in and turned off the water.   On a school night, all good things must come to an end, even if the entire house was enjoying her Taylor Swift sing-a-like concert. 

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