Cheryl’s Adventure - Mirror Mirror on the wall
Mirror, mirror on the wall, how will I look when I'm BALD? 
By Cheryl Copeland



About eight weeks ago when the doctor hit me with the words you've got breast cancer, the first thing I said was, I’m going to Disney World, and not, I’m going to be  bald!   

Laughing, it turns out, is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system.  Medical research gives thousands of examples on how laughter helps to heal health issues, cancer being one of them.  With that said, it came as no surprise that when we unpacked from our trip and told our children about our next adventure with cancer and their first question was, “Mommy, is your hair going to fall out?”   

I’m grateful that God blessed me with a sense of humor and a positive outlook on Life. My answer to that first question: "I promise you, girls, whatever happens, we are going to make it fun, and if the medicine Mommy takes makes her hair fall out, we’ll cut it, style it and shave it all off!"  Two of the biggest smiles you could ever imagine spread across my girls faces just before they began shouting out idea after idea of what to do with my hair and what followed next was priceless.  It was the sound of uncontrolled laughter!  

And so I say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, here I am! It’s me, I’m bald!”  And then I laugh!  And don’t worry, you can too!

Cheryl Copeland is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about life’s lessons and her personal adventure with breast cancer.