Mary-BethbwCheryl’s Adventure - Someone else’s shoes
By Cheryl Copeland

The alarm clock began buzzing. Kyle wanted nothing more than to snooze for five more minutes. Five more minutes of peace. Is that really too much to ask for, he thought. But he knew better than to risk being late for school.



cherylsiloTo complete the morning ritual Kyle and his younger brother, Scott, kissed their mother goodbye before heading out to catch the bus. The boys did their best to walk in unison as they scrunched beneath one umbrella trying to avoid the rain that was attacking them from every angle.

When the boys safely made it to school they gave each other a fist pump as they departed to their own wings of the building. This had become their own private way of saying “Love you man,” without being identified as oddballs in the halls.

In first period, Kyle slumped into his seat. He was not looking forward to seeing the sea of red marks on his paper that were inevitably going to be on his latest math test. His biggest fear was that his teacher would make a huge deal about how he needs to apply himself and complete his homework each night – the typical teacher lecture.

Throughout the morning, Kyle dealt with the soggy socks and managed to live through his math class. But nothing prepared him for the students that he would run into while changing clothes for gym class. Discretely dressing into his gym gear behind the locker room curtains, he heard kids snickering about a particular pair of shoes. “What a loser! These have been ragged to hell and back! Seriously dude! Get a new pair of shoes!”

A few moments of silence passed. The only sound in the room Kyle could hear was that of his mother’s heartbeat. Rustling his partially wet hair his mother asked him cheerfully, “So, how was your day?” Smiling, Kyle shared with her that it was his best day yet. He hugged her, and she softly kissed him on the head replying, “I’m so happy to hear that dear.”

Kyle got up to get his mom her water from the bed stand. With it, he handed her the pile of evening pills.

When the last pill had vanished, Kyle kissed his mom on the head and said, “How did your chemo treatment go today?”

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