Cheryl's Adventure - Peace, Love, Hair
By Cheryl Copeland

When I began my treatments I completely understood that the chemo’s main goal was to hunt down and annihilate each of the cancer cells swarming my body.  My chemo cocktail was designed to attack ALL fast growing cells.  If I wanted the cancer to be gone – my hair, fingernails, eyebrows, and eyelashes would have to go too.

Cheryl’s Adventure - Mama’s “Maine” adventure
By Cheryl Copeland

After returning to work in February I had just one simple goal in mind – survive until summer! Having endured ten months of chemo and other various treatments, four months of actually working was clearly an obtainable goal.  And sure enough, in a quick blink of an eye – school was out for summer!  It was time to find another adventure! 

Cheryl’s Adventure - Preparation 101
By Cheryl Copeland

It was exactly one year ago, after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, that I was blessed and given an opportunity to write for this local newspaper.  What was meant to be just a one-time article appearance happily became a monthly affair.  My schedule became quite hectic after returning to work in the classroom. My passion for sharing through writing had to be placed on the back burner until the end of the year.  School is now officially out and so my Adventure continues! 

Cheryl’s Adventure - Silver linings
By Cheryl Copeland

When speaking of cancer, there are simply no wonderful words to share.  Cancer is a terrible disease and, sadly, affects millions of people.  Doctor appointments, insurance bills, medical tests, surgeries, prescriptions, chemotherapy, and radiation are just a few of the inconveniences that become a part of one’s daily routine when battling cancer.  My family had to make major adjustments to include these aspects into our family’s schedule.  Some days were clearly more difficult than others.  Just as a terrible storm can bring about the most beautiful rainbows – we chose to search for silver linings wherever we could during my ten months of treatments.  

Cheryl’s Adventure - It’s showtime!
By Cheryl Copeland

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of performing on stage! Growing up I was able to act in a few plays, sing with my middle school chorus, and dance for my high school Drill Team.  Ever since then my stage career has been limited to random nights of karaoke and living out my dream in our school’s talent show! 

Cheryl’s Adventure - Attitude of gratitude
By Cheryl Copeland

3..2..1..Happy New Year!  2012 is officially here!  With each New Year comes a myriad of resolutions designed to make the New Year better than all the rest.  Good habits will be created, bad habits will be destroyed.  Personal and financial goals will be set as others aim to improve health and lifestyle.  With every great intention of keeping resolutions, it seems that so many of them fall by the wayside before the first month has even come to pass.  This year I plan to apply the same philosophy to my resolutions and goals that my family implemented during my battle with breast cancer: an Attitude of Gratitude! 

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