We began photographing the new 2018 seniors this summer. This is always bitter sweet as it makes us clearly see the passage of time. Cute little cheerleaders that we began photographing at 5 in the local youth leagues come in with their varsity letterman jackets all grown up.

MagicMoment1 190This summer was the end of our McKnight era- this family has had Grayson cheerleaders for the last twelve years and the family baby, Melanie McKnight, is finally a senior. All members of this dear family have worked for us at one time or another. Melanie can currently be found working at Friends restaurant in Grayson and otherwise enjoying the end of her high school career.



North Gwinnett High School is one of many of our high schools that is getting a new head football coach this year. North is welcoming Coach Bill Stewart. We are familiar with his talent as he was the impressive Defensive Coordinator for Mill Creek for the last three years. Anyone that has been to a Mill Creek game could recognize how talented he is. We can’t wait to see him in action at North Gwinnett. Featured are his seniors this year.MagicMoment2 440

MagicMoment6 190Engaged couple Brittany Johnson and Michael Butler were destined to find each other. Their moms were high school classmates and Michael grew up playing ball with Brittany’s brother, Casey. Michael and Casey were even roommates in college. Michael’s sister in law began to work with Brittany as a teacher. Through all these possible connections, it wasn’t until they were reintroduced at a friend’s wedding that sparks really started to fly and the rest is history. This adorable couple will wed in November of this year.

As we enter the 2017-2018 school year, we can only hope that much like Central’s football team, it is #SAUCE!

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