Carol Wood

So, you’re a rising 9th grader, your first year of high school! As you begin your high school career, you will adjust to a new building, attend school as the youngest, meet lots of new people, acclimate to the expectations of high school teachers, have an array of clubs and activities in which to participate and make LOTS of new friends!  How exciting!  

As high school begins, it is important to recognize that every course grade you earn is likely a determining factor for your future college and career plans.  And, there are many tasks to complete as you begin your high school journey in preparation for the college admissions process.  



Let’s start first with you utilizing the most effective and efficient study strategies.  Following are just a few study tips as you begin high school:

•Know each teacher’s course website where he or she posts homework assignments, projects, due dates, test dates, etc.  You are responsible to keep up with each course and teacher’s expectations.

•Consistently use only one agenda; either electronic or paper, in which you notate due dates, test dates, activities, etc.    

•Take detailed, legible class and study notes.  If you are absent from school, ask a classmate for a copy of his or her notes.

•Find a study buddy for classes which present you the most challenge.  Ideally, this person is another responsible student like you!

•Select a study space at home in which you can concentrate and remain focused.  

•Exhibit good management of your own behaviors by turning all forms of technology OFF while studying.  Technology time-out is necessary for quality learning time!

•Read assignments thoroughly and re-read when necessary to fully grasp the content.

•Do all homework assigned and MORE by drilling and practicing each day’s class material presented by your teachers.  In other words, master a little at a time, rather than cramming in weeks of material in one night when preparing for a major test.

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Have a fabulous start to high school!

Carol is the founder and CEO of Total Learning Concepts, which provides academic tutorial support, SAT & ACT test preparation, accredited course work, and college admissions counseling and coaching to students of all ages and grade levels. For more information about Total Learning Concepts, Inc., please call 770-381-5958.

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