As the new school year begins, it is a good time to recognize those who have dedicated and committed themselves to the education of students.

So, you’re a rising 9th grader, your first year of high school! As you begin your high school career, you will adjust to a new building, attend school as the youngest, meet lots of new people, acclimate to the expectations of high school teachers, have an array of clubs and activities in which to participate and make LOTS of new friends!  How exciting!  

Woohoo!  School is out for the summer so learning can stop!  Right?  Wrong!  Summertime provides the BEST opportunity students have to enrich their academic skills if they desire to get ahead before school begins again or catch up in skills if they ended the school year below average in an area. 

A frequent question I am asked is whether a student should take the ACT in addition to the SAT.  The answer is, “Absolutely!”  While the SAT and ACT are very different tests, they both fulfill the same role in the college admissions process.

If you are a 9th-grade student this year, you will take the new, redesigned PSAT in October 2015 as a sophomore.  By now you have probably heard that the PSAT and SAT are changing, so I would like to share with you a few of the revisions.

Have you ever watched a baby or young child learn by exploring the world around? The eagerness in the child’s face demonstrates a yearning to learn as much and as fast as possible! Learning opens up a new world by enabling us to understand how things connect, act, and react to each other! It is important that as children grow up and there are more demands on them for earning high scores and good grades, that an excitement for learning is nurtured!