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A new buzz phrase in education today is “credit recovery”. And, no, it has nothing to do with finances and the recovery of money! Credit recovery courses are for students who have taken a high school course previously, however, did not successfully complete it.

Published: 2017-06-26 19:57

Carol WoodSummer Time Learning!
By Carol C. Wood
Founder & CEO, Total Learning Concepts, Inc.

Woohoo! School is almost out for the summer so we can all take a break and sleep in late, splash around the pool, eat popsicles, and go to the movies! Learning can stop now! Right? Wrong! 

Carol WoodStrategies for Taking Subjective or Essay Tests
By Carol C. Wood
Founder & CEO, Total Learning Concepts, Inc.

Essay tests can be a great way for a student to earn grade points because they present an opportunity for him/her to tell everything they know about a subject and to earn points while doing so. If a student knows a lot about the subject, the essay is a place to shine!

How to calm and encourage a stressed-out student
By Carol C. Wood, Founder & CEO
Total Learning Concepts, Inc.

Recently, a parent asked me what he could do to calm down his academically stressed-out daughter who cared almost too much about her school grades.  This is a seldom asked question since usually parents ask for help with students who don’t care enough about their academics.  Following is essentially the content of my response:

The special study requirements for mathematics
By Carol C. Wood
Owner & College Admissions Process Counselor
Total Learning Concepts, Inc.

Math is a subject that must be studied differently than other courses.  Two characteristics separate it from other subjects.  It is sequentially learned and it is a skill subject.  For a student to have success in math, he/she must understand these two differences and then be willing to change the approach to math study.  

How do you “see” yourself as a student?
By Carol C. Wood
Owner & Director Total Learning Concepts, Inc.

I read something recently which stated that the way each of us sees our life shapes our life.   And, how we define our life determines our destiny.  I believe this principle can be applied to students, as well.