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Ella Thomas

My sophomore year has nearly drawn to a close, meaning that I am half-way done with high school (already!). Now, at this point, I can either see the glass as half-full or half-empty and that usually just depends on the day.

Published: 2018-05-16 11:20
Ella Thomas

Every family has traditions that signal the beginning of the holiday season. From building gingerbread houses to picking a Christmas tree, everyone has a different idea of what is the biggest indicator of the holiday season. For me, I can say for certain that this is not just one thing, but a conjunction of many different events that lead to this feeling.

Published: 2017-12-21 12:50
Ella Thomas

Turning 15 has one meaning known universally to us, and all too well to our parents… it means it’s time to drive. Everyone remembers the first time they got behind the wheel of a car. Whether it was a dramatic movie moment, or simply begging for your turn in an office parking lot (like me), the first time you drive is a memory that you will have forever.

Published: 2017-09-01 11:44

Ella and friends 440
Ella and Dawson Thomas and German Exchange Student, Jan Engel.

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Being an exchange student in Gwinnett

By Ella Thomas

This year, we have been very fortunate to be able to spend time with a German exchange student at our high school. Jan Engel arrived from Germany in July, just in time for the beginning of marching band camp.

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Hello High School!
By Ella Thomas

You may have noticed that it has been a while since I have written an article. It took me a minute to figure out this high school thing. Since the beginning of this year, school has been a lot different.

Everything Ella - Ella Thomas

Freshman feelings
By Ella Thomas

It is finally that time of year again. For 10 months I have anxiously sat at my desk and awaited the time when I could trade school for the pool, the chill of the classroom for the heat of the sun. I think you know what I am talking about…

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