Allgood cares - Allgood Plumbing and Electric
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

When Melvin and Melissa Music began their plumbing and electric business in 2005, they could not have known where it would lead.



As they prepare to celebrate their tenth year, the couple’s business has grown steadily which has led to the purchase of a new building in Snellville to house their 32 employees.

Allgood Plumbing Electric 190Running a successful local business requires a commitment to service. At Allgood, providing excellent service includes hiring and training qualified and professional service providers in both plumbing and electrical fields. “We look for clean-cut young applicants who are interested in the trade,” says Melvin.  As a Master Plumber, Melvin has provided many apprenticeship opportunities for young plumbers who want to learn the trade and join a strong company. “We get many more applicants than we can take,” says Melvin. “This isn’t a job, it is a career with training.” 

While offering quality service is paramount at Allgood, making sure people don’t go without the basic plumbing and electrical repairs they need is also important. “Emergencies never happen at a good time,” says Melvin. “Not everyone has a credit card to use.” The company researched options and are proud to offer the Wells Fargo HomeProjects? credit card with 0% interest over 12 months for just such emergency situations. 

Quality indicates a job done right. “We are passionate about service,” says Melvin. “We try to treat people the way we want to be treated.” The company provides solid service and stands behind their work guarantee. “All of our employees go through a lengthy training period before we consider them qualified to go out on a job.” With the training, guarantee, and solid ten year track record, Allgood Plumbing and Electric have made a dependable name for themselves in the area. Continuing to grow the business by sticking to the basic rules of how to treat customers it is certain that Allgood will have no problem reaching new milestones in the next ten years. 

For more information: or 678-608-2039  for 24/7 plumbing and electrical work.