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Preferred Vendors should matter to you THE CLIENT!
By Rodney Camren

Buying and selling a home is not as simple as just changing the ownership names on the title.  Besides Realtor involvement, both sides of the transaction have many opportunities to have many other professionals to assist in getting the deal closed.  There are also many opportunities for other professionals to mess up the transaction and cause the transaction not to close on time or close at all.



Too many times buyers and sellers just hire the first real estate agent they come across to either list or find them a home.   A business card does not make a Realtor, neither does passing the real estate course or state licensing tests.    However, that is the beginning process for a Realtor to get their business up and running.  But let’s say you found that perfect Realtor to list your home or help you with finding that dream house.  She/he alone doesn’t get you from start to finish alone; there are steps that need additional people in the process.  Depending on how serious your Realtor is about this career choice and representing you as a client, will become evident in the people they have aligned themselves with to assist them.

There are many other resources you need to assist from start to close.  As a seller you are not only hiring that agent but all of their resources.  Be sure to ask who they are and why they chose them as a preferred vendor.  One wrong vendor in the group or suggested to you to use could cost you the sale of your property.    If the right Realtor and the right vendors are in place you could come out of the closing attorney’s a very happy person. 

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