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4th Quarter ~ Holidays are the Best Time to SELL Your home
By Rodney Camren

There are many people who think now that we are heading into fall, winter and the holidays that homes do not sell and it is best to wait until spring to….. SELL THEIR HOME.  



Sellers will have limiting beliefs that there is no foliage or pretty flowers so no one will want to buy a home.  Sellers have also been told the limiting beliefs that everyone will be having holiday parties and traveling and not wanting to purchase a home during the holidays. Supposedly Spring is the best time to…SELL YOUR HOME.. according to many who buy into what I call “Limiting Beliefs”.  

Something I have seen working in some situations is pricing the home to cause excitement, and that is pricing the home just below market value. People see it as a great deal and they feel as if they are getting a bargain. Due to the excitement of everyone being interested and hoping to win the opportunity of that “Great Deal” multiple offers come in and a price binding raises the sale of the home over list price. Now this doesn’t always happen this way but I have seen it with many homes throughout several neighborhoods and it seems very effective. The point here is to remind you that real estate is not seasonal.   Real estate buying or selling is about your needs as a buyer or a seller, your motivation to buy or sell. You either need to …BUY A HOME NOW .. or … you need to …. SELL A HOME NOW. People are still buying homes in the holiday seasons. I have found in my fourteen years of real estate that usually those who are ready, willing and able buyers during in the winter months have a great need to purchase a home. They are willing to schedule time to see homes regardless of parties, travel or the holidays.   You will never hear a buyer say I can’t buy a home right now because of Thanksgiving. When you list your home with a Realtor, regardless of the season, you are in automatically in a competition against everyone else wanting to sell their home. So as a seller why don’t you be one of those who…LIST YOUR HOME TODAY…and sell it before the mad rush of spring where there is more competition. Pricing, Condition and Location – listing your home during the holidays and when there is less competition is just the icing on the cake.

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