Rodney Camren, Star Team Atlanta

New versus old
By Rodney Camren

How is your mental health? Studies show that your habitat (home & neighborhood) most certainly affects your mental health. Spring is here and the real estate market is back, hotter than ever before! Interest rates are still at a historically low.



A healthy economy usually has interest rates around 7-9%, right now they are still around 4-5%. Homes are being listed in communities all over Gwinnett County and barely hitting the MLS before having multiple offers, all of them at full price or above asking price. Everywhere you look there are large bulldozers clearing off land and beginning new construction for new subdivisions. So as we have this wonderful resurgence of real estate activity across the nation where does that leave you and your family? Is this the time you want to sell your home? Is this the time you want to lease your home out? Do you want new construction or something to remodel to your own taste? Do you want to move to a community with a hustle and bustle? Maybe move to a community doing a lot of revitalization. Everyone remembers television from the 60’s and how homes and neighborhoods represented a healthy community life. Fast forward another almost 60 years and life itself, along with our neighborhoods are vastly different. People are not as well connected, not only in their neighborhoods but even in their own households. Back in the 60’s your home was a safe and peaceful place for unloading all your cares from the day. Is that how you would describe your home today? Do you feel relaxed enough in your home to lay all the cares of your day at the door and not think about them until you leave? The neighbors were friendly and almost like family and a support system. How do you see your neighbors? Can you call on them to be you and your family’s support system?

ONE: Elect Leaders who really want to keep your community Clean and Beautiful. A lot of times the people who are elected are the ones who will have codes enforced or not have them enforced. TWO: Organize a Clean Up & Recycling Day, make sure the weather isn’t too hot, too cold and no rain. Clean up days should also include plenty of trash bags, gloves, paint & equipment for lawn service to assist those who many not be able to do their own yard. Make this a fun event and bring plenty of water and snacks. THREE: Organize a Neighborhood Watch. Have the local police department come out and host a meeting with your neighborhood. No one wants to be a victim of a crime or see drugs being sold from the neighbor’s home. Sometimes leaving your community is not an option but being involved and holding people accountable is. So, find out what it is you want for healthy living in your community and make the necessary arrangements whether it is to get involved and make the necessary changes or call your local Realtor to sell your home so you can buy something new in a community that your endorphins will rejoice over! 

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