Throughout Gwinnett County, many homes have septic systems. Homeowners frequently contact the Extension office inquiring what they can plant on and around it to avoid causing harm to the system.

Lawn maintenance for autumn
By Tim Daly
Gwinnett County Extension Agent

The summer months are coming to an end. The cooler days of autumn are upon us. This time of the year is a transition time in the lawn and garden.

Trees and lawn grasses growing in proximity to each other compete intensely for the limited amounts of space, water, light, and nutrients available.

Any lawn or garden is likely to suffer from pest infestation at one time or another. Insects, diseases, and weeds can be troublesome and can potentially cause harm or even death of the plants.

As a child, my grandmother had many big leaf hydrangeas planted in her landscape that provided brilliant color every summer. Around her patio, they blended in with pink garden phloxes and provided an attractive view from the dining room.

As the warm weather of spring has arrived, our lawns are actively growing and require proper maintenance. The warm season grasses, such as bermuda, zoysia, centipede and St. Augustine, have come out of dormancy and are green.