Many homeowners have lawns being overtaken by moss. Its presence indicates the cultural conditions of the lawn are not appropriate for the growth of a healthy strand of grass. If your lawn has areas with moss, carefully evaluate the site conditions and your turf care practices.

Fire Ants

Anyone who has come into contact with fire ants knows they can inflict painful stings. Sometimes a person can step in a fire ant nest and not even be aware of it until the ants start stinging.


If you lack the space for a traditional garden, consider using containers as an alternative. They are suitable even on the smallest patio or porch. Containers can be used to grow a variety of plants within a limited amount of space in places where traditional gardening is difficult. 


One of the most frequent causes of harm to landscape plant material is improper applications of water, either too much or too little. Applying supplemental water properly and at the right time is important in keeping the plants healthy. Many established ornamental plants can go extended periods without water. Even during droughts, more plants die from overwatering than lack of it.