Most often, the simplest method is to use a vacuum cleaner with the soft brush or long wand attachment. A feather duster or an old sock over your hand works, too.

Blinds will take a little more effort to clean each slat thoroughly. Both front and back should be vacuumed first to remove loose dust or dirt. If your blinds or shades need deeper cleaning you can take a damp cloth or sock and some elbow grease and clean each slat individually. Not the easiest task, but you’ll enjoy the end result. Taking blinds down and immersing in a bathtub or hosing down in your yard – NOT RECOMMENDED!

Some tips for cleaning blinds from Hunter Douglas:

Dust regularly. Use a soft, clean cloth, chemically-treated dust cloth, or dusting mitt. Lower the blind to its full length, tilt the slats almost all the way down, and dust. Then tilt the slats almost all the way up and dust. (Not closing the slats all the way allows dusting where the slats overlap.)

Blinds may also be vacuumed. Use the brush attachment and tilt the slats up and down as described for dusting. Another way to clean blinds is simply by wiping them with a soft, damp cloth.

Wood Blinds Only: Stained blinds, like wood furniture, should be treated periodically with lemon oil or other wood preservatives to protect their finish and enhance their luster.

Faux Wood and Aluminum Blinds: Wash the slats only using a non-abrasive mild detergent solution. Allow to air dry to preserve the dust repellent properties of the slats.

Never use cleaning chemicals on any window covering unless instructions from the manufacturer explicitly state that you can.

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