Make your window treatments the focal point

By Joan Miller
The Blind Ladies

When it comes to window treatments, they should be a focal point in any room. If you don’t want bare or uninteresting, add a layer over your blinds, shades, or shutters. Layering can be done in a variety of ways.

What’s hot in the world of window treatments? 

Simplicity. Clean lines and a casual feel. 

I like to watch Home Remodeling and Real Estate type TV shows. What I see there reflects the latest in design trends in new construction and remodeling in our area. The minimal look & feel predominates.

Arched, angled windows
By Joan Miller

When it comes to arched, angled, and odd-shaped windows there is not one simple answer. There are not a wide variety of options for these windows and the products that are available are limited in function and in size. 

What your windows say about your home

What do your windows say about your home? Are your windows covered or un-covered? As a window covering professional, I am always drawn to the window coverings in homes, commercial spaces, and on TV shows!