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Rodney Camren, Star Team Atlanta

Preferred Vendors should matter to you THE CLIENT!
By Rodney Camren

Buying and selling a home is not as simple as just changing the ownership names on the title.  Besides Realtor involvement, both sides of the transaction have many opportunities to have many other professionals to assist in getting the deal closed.  There are also many opportunities for other professionals to mess up the transaction and cause the transaction not to close on time or close at all.

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Raised beds offer a multitude of advantages.

Do you want to grow vegetables but have limited space? Does your soil consist of hard clay or drains poorly? Consider using raised beds that are elevated planting areas on top of the native soil. They require minimal space, are easy to construct and maintain and have many benefits. Vegetables grown in raised beds tend to have higher yields, are easier to provide care, and use less space than traditional in ground gardens.

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Downsizing your home and personal belongings is nothing new to people when you have raised your children and they have their own families now with their own home.  However, “letting go” of a home is very difficult for many seniors. The many memories made during the lifetime of getting married, buying a home, having that first, second, third or fourth child all start to make a person smile when reminiscing.  

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