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The NIGHTMARE for homebuyers in this seller’s market

By Rodney Camren

What is going on?  Every home being listed is SOLD within days if not hours of a for sale sign hitting the ground. It is a complete buyers frenzy that is driving the home prices up up and away from the bottom we knew just a few years ago. If you thought you couldn’t sell your home before because you were upside down on the mortgage, now would be the time to call an agent to find out what your home is worth.

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Tim Daly

They interfere with outdoor activities and can also be vectors for several diseases. Malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever are problems in other parts of the world. In our area, West Nile virus and encephalitis are troublesome although only a small number of individuals are affected each year. Mosquitoes cannot be totally eliminated from the property, but their populations can be reduced to where they are not as bothersome.

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Many homeowners frequently encounter areas in their landscapes that have poor drainage and are continuously wet. The excessive rain over the past year has increased the severity of this problem.

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