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Shaun Graham, Senior Mortgage Loan Originator, Southeast Mortgage

Introducing the cal-culator: Atlanta’s newest residential real estate index
By Shaun Graham
Southeast Mortgage

When you are in the housing industry people tend to ask you a lot of questions about how you think the market is doing. Even if they don’t work in a related industry, like we do, the market can still affect them. Maybe they are thinking of selling, or buying a home, or just want to know about the values in their neighborhood.

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Support the arts!
It matters in real estate!

By Rodney Camren

Listen closely please; do you hear those words of a famous quote from Shakespeare in your community? Look over there; do you see a young lady in a white leotard elegantly positioned on just one toe? Is your breath taken away from the musical notes and talents of the lyrical soprano singing effortlessly on stage?

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Be sure to vote and know those who are running to represent YOUR EQUITY.

Municipalities have qualified their leaders who will be running for elected office. These people seeking your votes are the representation for a community. They will make decisions daily, weekly, monthly and in most cases for the next 4 years for your community.

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We have all heard when listing a home Realtors are supposed to inform their clients to fill out a Seller’s Disclosure form and DISCLOSE DISCLOSE DISCLOSE.   When a defect is physical (for example, a leaking roof or unsound foundation), the issue is clear. Licensees must disclose. When the defect is emotion (for example, murder, ghosts or diseases such as AIDS), the answer varies according to the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC).

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