The best way to follow up a good summer is to have a great start to a new school year! At Grayson, NG3 is investing in more students and more sports than ever before.

Jason CampbellJason Campbell

By NG3 staff

When you work with athletes, there will be times when someone needs a helping hand to get back up, or a shoulder to cry on when they’ve fallen short. One of the best aspects of being on a team is having someone to turn to and trust when times are tough.

“Battle of Five Forks”
By NG3 staff

The Hatfields and McCoys. Georgia-Florida.  Falcons-Saints.  Among some of the most famed rivalries our area has ever known, lies Parkview vs. Brookwood. Dating back to well before the date on the birth certificates held by the teenagers who will be taking the field on October 21, the “Battle of Five Forks” is a well-established staple of the rich tradition of Georgia football. 

Achieving goals with three C’s
By NG3 staff

Finally, the day for which everyone has been preparing has arrived.  All the weights lifted, the gassers run, and sweat drenched t-shirts have led to this moment.  The stadium seats are filled with screaming fans as the beat from the drum section of the band pounds through the air.

More lives will be changed
By NG3 staff

At one time, Rome was the largest city in the world and the center of the most powerful economic, cultural, and political empire in history.

NG3 Staff: Matt Williams, NG3 founder, NG3 Director at Archer; Dustin Mattox, NG3 Director at Grayson; Jon Stinchcomb, Director of Operations; Lawson Hale, NG3 Director at Brookwood; Michael Holderfield, NG3 Director at Mill Creek; Javier Munoz, NG3 Director at Parkview.

Opportunites to make a difference!
By NG3 staff

One of my favorite movies in the 90’s was Braveheart. Mel Gibson starred as Scottish hero, William Wallace. Wallace was the quintessential underdog, came from nothing, had nothing, but somehow found a way to rally everyone else around him to fight against the oppressive English monarch, King Edward I, and his massive army.