Oh, the places you’ll go
By NG3 staff

Last month, another class of graduating seniors walked across a stage, shook the hands of their principals and teachers, and received their diplomas.  I have little doubt, on more than one occasion, Dr. Seuss’ classic, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” was referenced to illustrate the seemingly endless opportunities for various paths in life available to these young men and women. 

NG3 builds selfless men and women
By NG3 staff

Valentine’s Day for most of us consists of letters, flowers, notes, and chocolate.  For a lot of us, we wait until the last minute to go grab some flowers and a card.   For a group of football players from Brookwood’s NG3 huddle group, this holiday was a day they had been looking forward to for weeks. 

Changing perspectives and more
By NG3 staff

Far too often, high school students feel the world revolves around them.  Part of the mission of NG3 is to lead these young men and women to serve our communities and show how gratifying a selfless life can be.  This is why Community is one of the three C’s of NG3.  At South Gwinnett High School, NG3 staff director Michael Woelfl leads his huddle group to invest in the life of a fellow student affectionately known as “Touchdown Richard”, at least until baseball season, when he becomes, “Home-run Richard”.  

Challenge, connect and encourage
By NG3 staff

 At NG3, staff members invest time weekly with a small group of students in an effort to challenge them, connect in a more meaningful way, and encourage them to impact their respective communities. These small groups are at the heart of NG3 and are called huddle groups.

Stretching further
By NG3 staff

In an effort to expand the reach of NG3, volunteers are enlisted to “adopt” a team at the  high schools NG3 serves. The role of the volunteer is simple: serve the adopted team on a regular basis through leadership of a weekly character discussion or devotional.  Until this fall, NG3 has unfortunately been able to serve only male sports, but that has changed! 

Streching further
By NG3 staff

The hallways in high school are full once again with our youth coming and going from one classroom to the next.  Syllabi have been passed out, rolls have been called and fall sports are underway.  NG3 is also underway, working right beside the coaches and pouring into the lives of the student athletes. Much like the upperclassmen excited to build on the foundations they've laid in the previous years, NG3 is looking to continue the promotion of character development and spiritual growth.  This year, there is a renewed focus on reaching even more student athletes.

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