Bill York

America’s war on drugs has failed. DEA estimates that only a miniscule amount of smuggled drugs are intercepted. Between the origin of illegal drugs and addicts is millions in profit. Money is why the illegal drug war is floundering and has become a financial disaster for government.



After Prohibition was passed those who drank bought illegal intoxicants. The cost of enforcement skyrocketed. Smugglers and officers were killed. Drinkers prevailed and Prohibition was rescinded. After the rescission drinkers drank legally.

A fact learned from experience is that alcoholics will continue to be alcoholics until they decide not to drink. Drug addicts will continue addiction until they decide to quit. Most people are too intelligent to damage their brain by chemicals. The billions wasted in the floundering attempt to interdict drugs has not reduced trafficking.

We need a rapprochement to the crisis of drugs. Illegal drugs should be legalized and dispensed with government supervision. The fortunes made by smugglers and pushers would stop and price would be set at a low rate with taxes levied the same as alcoholic beverages. It would reverse cost to revenue.

Addiction will increase only among those with the proclivity to destroy their brains. Pushers will not be able to dominate neighborhoods. Crime related to drugs would stop and officers, who have spent years failing to stop smuggling, could be assigned to other crimes. Pushers would not have reason to get children hooked. The concept is a realistic approach to a failed program. The only people who will object are cartels, pushers and financiers, those who have made fortunes from the miseries of beleaguered victims. 

Money saved should then be expended in a concerted campaign to convince children that experimenting with mind-damaging chemicals is a stupid decision and potentially fatal. Self-destructing in the quagmire of drugs and alcohol is only one danger in a world plagued by pitfalls. 

Opportunistic travelers, called cavity couriers, are being enticed by the lure of big-money into imperiling their lives by smuggling illegal drugs inside their body. There have been instances of drug packets rupturing before removal killing the courier. The improved devices for body scanning are able to expose the smugglers..When caught they spend years incarcerated. 

Drug addiction and alcoholism are major causes of accidents, crime, deaths and the disruption of family life sweeping like a tsunami across the country. 

There’ll be protesters with opposing viewpoints but if intelligence prevails billions being poured into the bottomless pit can be spent in other efforts. Then alcoholics can drink as they please and addicts can continue suffering and we can stop attempting to dictate human behavior. 

Bill is a WW II Navy veteran and retired President of York Furs in Buckhead. You can contact him by email at