Bill York

Maybe the candidates for Governor are equally qualified but the doctored pictures used by one candidate to make her opponent appear shop-worn provided me the reason to vote Republican. I will not consider a Democrat because collectively they want me to give up my guns leaving me without protection against marauders.

I like Brian Kemp because he obviously enjoys guns, and so do I. I shot rabbits with my grandpa’s shotgun when I was a kid. I had a 22 caliber Springfield rifle when I was ten years old. Kids on farms learn to hunt early. My son and I practice at a firing range. In the navy, I became a sharpshooter during WWII.



Trashy campaigning began years ago when doctored images were used to make an opponent look tired and confused.

The last Presidential campaign is a case in point where Donald Trump was shown with a wind-blown hair-style and a predatory scowl by doctoring his pictures.

Another deplorable technique used to confound voters is forcing opponents to spend too much time explaining the falsity of character assassination, rather than telling us about their competency for the position.

The abysmal turn out in the Georgia primary is proof of the detrimental consequence of negative tactics. Voters don’t like manipulators.

I didn’t vote in the last Governor's race because both candidates were accusing each other of dishonesty. I’m confident they did not write the copy for the campaign, but they said they approved the message.

Candidates can do a serious con-job on voters. With the continuing investigation of the earlier city government, it seems voters permitted foxes into the chicken house.

Seeing the latest political ads, smearing Brian Kemp, if it were me, I would check out the law regarding defamation of character. Negatives are ruining the political system.

Bill is a 92-year old WW II Navy veteran and retired President of York Furs in Buckhead. You can contact him by email at Sioux2222@gmail. com