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My wife Dot and I enjoy watching Jeopardy on TV. We know a few of the answers but we suffer mind-lag at our age and recall is often slow. 

I said, “Since I was in the Navy during WW II, I wish Alex Trebek would ask some questions about ships. It is a category in which I might excel.”


Bill YorkThe Great Depression today
By Bill York

You had to have been hungry in your life to understand the emotional zap I got today.

Living with my grandfather on the farm meant food on the table during the 1930’s but at age 7 my father remarried and I lived with someone psychologically unprepared to be a dad; a slice of dried bologna in the icebox, alongside a case of beer, nothing else. I left home at age 14.

Episodes of war

The Atlantic Ocean was becoming rough as our convoy got underway in 1943, hoping to evade German U-boats, while heading to Europe. With subs prowling we wondered if we would complete the crossing. It was scary times.

Precious water

The announcement of a developing drought in Georgia is scary. In my 90 years I have survived some arid times. I remember in the 30’s my grandpa putting wooden whiskey barrels under each V slope on the roof. That provided rainwater for the cattle and the vegetable garden. 

Recycling is big business

You think of newspapers, glass, bricks, metal and plastic containers. Trucks haul away tons of useless items from businesses and homes.

Highway repair crews have started scraping the surface material off of roadways and recycling it into replacement surfaces and not having to use as much new material, providing huge savings.

I’m not young anymore

Two deer were crossing a section of an open field behind our house. There is a small valley a few hundred feet away where deer hang out and bed down at night.