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I know some people with problems, trouble that could have been avoided using common sense.

‘Consider the consequences’ is one of the most significant messages in the English language.

Gun protection

With home invasions occurring on an unprecedented scale, people are buying more hand guns than ever before, particularly females who feel vulnerable.

The miracle of hummingbirds
By Bill York

Every morning when we open the blinds, my wife and I are spellbound; they are always there, hummingbirds, charcoal, mauve and emerald colors, levitating, maneuvering for space on the feeders then zipping away, to reappear, performing aerial ballets.

Angels do exist

I wasn’t looking for anyone. I avoided meeting women. I had ended my eighth year as a single parent with custody of four teenagers. One was now married and another was in the navy.

Four dog night

Suffering from intense heat this summer I recall the Arctic Express slamming the South last year. I was with Lilburn Police Sgt. Tim Haxton patrolling at night, checking out businesses, looking for thieves, sledge-hammering doors and determined copper collectors. 

The Great Destroyers

Bivouacked in a cove on the Italian coast we were preparing for an invasion of Southern France.

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