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I always feel that the things that “go wrong” make the most vivid memories, and if they’re not too bad, the best memories.

Central Gwinnett High School 2013-2014 Football

One bit of advice
By Loralee Beard 
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Now that my first batch of grandchildren is embracing the first stirrings of Patriotism, I very recently wrote, directed and produced a 3 act play which lasted under 10 minutes, even counting the 2nd act musical number from”Little Mermaid.” I had standards:

Grayson Rams

Ending on a high note

loraleebeardMy regular visits to Our Gwinnett County School clients leaves me amazed at the level of cleanliness in our schools. Grayson High School, my “home school” is a stellar example . However during our recent time there, the unthinkable happened:no air condition in July. While the county staff scrambled to repair, I thought about ancient times when there was poor air conditioning and cell phones were really large.