Great things are happening at NG3!!
By NG3 staff

Though the water towers announcing to every driver on I85 that “Gwinnett is Great” were removed years ago, great things are still happening in Gwinnett, and NG3 is one of them. Lives are being changed. Eternity is being affected.

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Mandy Snell Harris

Reflecting on family and home - Those Carefree Days!

By Mandy Snell Harris

I made the comment to a friend the other day, and after I said it, I realized that it truly does apply to me. “ I’m so glad I was aware of how much fun I was having cause I didn’t want to miss anything!”

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1954/1955 Grayson 2nd/3rd grade
The Gwinnett Roadrunner -
On The Run March 2014
By Mary Frazier Long
March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
A miser is a guy who lives within his income. He is also called a magician.
“Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn’t block traffic.” Dan Rather
“Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf.” Lewis Mumford

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Diego Ramirez, Journalist, Couch Middle School

Bridging the Gap
Coming to America!
By Diego Ramirez

Parents live to see their children prosper in life. They will spend a lifetime trying to guide and protect their children in every way.

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Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

The image is the real you
By Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

For many of us, our favorite pictures reflect how we most see our loved one and ourselves.  Time passes but the image is the real you.

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