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Ellen Gerstein

Are you a small business in Gwinnett County looking for a cause to support?  Do you have a CSR (corporate social responsibility) program that you want to volunteer for, but don’t know an organization to serve?  Are you seeking volunteers for a project, and don’t know how to recruit them?  Look no further! 

In 2000, the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services began its annual event, the Gwinnett Great Days of Service.  Designed with a focus on creating a new era of engagement and volunteerism in Gwinnett County, this two-day event provides an opportunity for Gwinnett citizens to come together and make a collective impact to improve the lives of our youth, veterans, seniors and Gwinnett community.  

On October 20-21, 2017, hundreds of community projects will be completed including planting community gardens, filling the shelves of food pantries, reviving tired spaces, and visiting and helping our seniors and veterans in need.  In the spirit of Gwinnett’s slogan, “Success Lives Here,” each year the Gwinnett Great Days of Service Steering Committee works with agencies to define, address, and help support specific needs in the county that are being overlooked.  We’ll help you complete defined service projects with your community, and meet and surpass your company CSR goals, all while educating citizens and community leaders about the needs around them and actively engaging them to serve those in need.

Brent Bohanan, Executive Director of Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity, shares that last year they partnered with Gwinnett Great Days of Service to complete one of their critical service projects. This helped a homeowner in our community to live in a decent, safe, welcoming home for years to come.  Brent says, “I would love to get involved and do projects again this year.”  

The Gwinnett Coalition is in the business of connecting people with the resources to help them- including individuals, families, small businesses and more! We are ready to partner with you as a volunteer or agency to achieve success through volunteering.  Your involvement in the Gwinnett Great Days of Services helps agencies and schools address thousands of people in need.  If you, or an agency have a project you would like to submit, please log onto www.gwinnettgreatdaysofservice.org and submit a project application.  Or, if you’d like help creating a project, please contact Suzy Bus at 770-995-3339 or suzy@gwinnettco-alition.org.  Check out our Facebook page @GwinnettGDOS, and remember: there are many ways to get involved and work together as a community, and we want to include you!  

About the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services
The Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the health and human service needs of everyone in Gwinnett County, Georgia. It does so through collaborative community planning, applied research, community education, membership diversity, consensus building, advocacy, and innovation.