Taylor M. Dooley

LAWRENCEVILLE – Rife with humor and heart, Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up is set to take the stage at Aurora Theatre from September 8 – October 1.

Written by Lucy Alibar, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Beasts of the Southern Wild, this magical coming-of-age tale centers around her life growing up in the middle of nowhere on the Georgia-Florida line. Audiences will be swept away into the deep South with this witty, warm tale reminiscent of the trials and tribulations on the journey to adulthood.

“This story makes me laugh and cry and laugh again,” says Rachel Parish, director of Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up. “I think the biggest surprise is how this simple coming of age story is both ridiculous and completely familiar. The characters in Lucy Alibar's tender and heartfelt coming-of-age story are so recognizable to any southerner who has ever loved their daddy, battled a school bully or seen how much kindness is needed in the world, even for those who sometimes seem like they least deserve it. This is a story of love triumphing over fear in the wild world of a smalltown dreamer.”

A lecherous goat, Pentecostals on the radio, a clutter of in-bred cats, phone calls from death row and Daddy’s burnpileare only a few of many elements in Alibar’s stew of stories. Alibar and her father fostered a close relationship and whenshe was only nine years old, Alibar became her dad’s secretary. Her father is a central character to Alibar’s story: he is apro bono defense attorney who represents an eccentric slew of murderers, arsonists and other lowly criminals. His“burnpile” is an outdoor trash heap where he stores all of his dead client’s files. Lucy is unaware of both the danger thatsurrounds her and the neglect she encounters throughout the fourth grade. While her dad seems to be looking out forher, Alibar often struggles to balance her feelings of loneliness. Aurora Theatre playgoers are sure to be captivated bythe enchanting stories in this coming-of-age tale.



Taylor M. Dooley is set to star in the powerful solo performance under the direction of Rachel Parish. Dooley graduated from Emory University with a theatre studies degree and is a regular at Dad’s Garage. On television and film, Taylor is best known for her roles in KatieBird (2005), Flying Naked (2006) and Rufus (2006). With special experience in directing, devising and dramaturgy for new plays, Parish’s work has premiered in the UK, Ireland, China, Switzerland, UnitedStates, Croatia, and Gabon, with support from organizations including Arts Council England, the Wellcome Trust and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up will play at Aurora Theatre September 8 – October 1, 2017. Tickets are currently on sale; single ticket prices range from $20 – $30 and may be purchased online at bitly.com/AuroraBurnpile or by calling the Box Office at 678-226-6222 Group rates are also available. For more information on this production or other programming, please visit auroratheatre.com.

Regular show times are as follows:
Thursday–Saturday: 8 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 2:30 p.m.