Much of the work turning the old Loganville Elementary School into the new City Hall has been done on the inside.

Loganville’s new City Hall was open for business July 17.

“We have completed a number of renovation projects on the first wing and there will still be some additional work to be done, but we will be ready and open for business,” City Manager Danny Roberts said. “This has been a major undertaking, but it is the first step toward being able to meet all of the needs of our residents under one roof.”



The current City Hall, located at 4385 Pecan St., has been home to the city’s government since January 2000. But as the city has grown, so have the number of services and employees needed to meet demands of the residents of Loganville. When the Walton County School District opened up a new school, and the old Loganville Elementary School campus became vacant last summer, city leaders determined that this was an opportunity to take over a key piece of property in the downtown area and be able to move a number of city services under one roof.

Work is ongoing for the new council chambers, meaning that Loganville City Council meetings are not expected to move until August.

Additional plans are in the works for the sprawling 10-acre campus. Long-range goals include moving the police and court operations into the second wing of the school and adding possible recreation opportunities to the grounds.