Southern Gateway to Gwinnett Redevelopment Kickoff

(Lawrenceville) – Demolition of the former Olympic tennis stadium in Stone Mountain officially began Tuesday. Officials from Gwinnett County, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association and the Evermore Community Improvement District offered a farewell and shared their excitement about a new life for the site.

The County acquired ownership of the 24-acre tennis complex on U.S. 78 last year in exchange for a 35-acre parcel adjacent to the park’s golf course.



Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chairman Nash said, “We are grateful to the Stone Mountain Memorial Association for working with us in our acquisition of the property. Our goal is to demolish the existing structures and return the site to a green field to make it attractive to potential developers.” She noted this is the first time Gwinnett County has acquired land with the intention of selecting a private firm through a competitive process to redevelop it.

District 1 Commissioner Jace Brooks reminded the audience that Andre Agassi and Lindsay Davenport both won gold for the United States on the site. “Now we are offering a new lease on life for this property, and I know the neighbors will gladly welcome a new development here,” he said. “I’m excited to see what unfolds.”

Nash discussed her satisfaction with this new Southern Gateway to Gwinnett project. “It’s a solution that will result in a win-win for all of us—the County, Stone Mountain Park, the Evermore CID, the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses, and the local economy. I’m confident that whatever gets built here next will be a catalyst for future growth and development in this community.”

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