Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks reads from a proclamation declaring February Thrombosis Awareness Month in Dacula.

Sometimes the best medicine is in knowing others empathize with your situation.

This was what Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks had in mind when he brought members of the Georgia Thrombosis Forum (GTF, www.gtfonline.net) before City Council during its Feb. 2, 2017 meeting.

Wilbanks and City Council recognized members of Georgia Thrombosis Forum thrombosis in a mayoral proclamation that declared February as Thrombosis Awareness Month in Dacula. “GTF is doing a phenomenal work in the Georgia communities by saving lives of the citizens of Dacula, and I am very thankful to the members of GTF for taking this unique lead in our community,” Wilbanks said.

Thrombosis is a deadly medical condition that results from formation of blood clots in blood vessels. Forms of thrombosis kill more than 300,000 people annually in the U.S. and affect more than 900,000 people annually, according to the GTF website.

Mahesh Athalye, public relations officer with Georgia Thrombosis Forum, said the proclamation was awarded to area high school students Samarth Mishra, a 10th grader at Alpharetta High School, and Nimish Kadam a seventh grader at Riverwatch Middle School, in Suwanee.



Nimish Kadam and Simarth Mishra address Dacula City Council during  a recent council meeting on raising thrombosis awareness.Nimish Kadam and Simarth Mishra address Dacula City Council during a recent council meeting on raising thrombosis awareness.“The proclamation of thrombosis awareness month by the City of Dacula is another flagship activity of Georgia Thrombosis Forum that gets GTF one step closer to its mission of spreading the awareness of thrombosis in Georgia communities,” Athalye said in a press release.

The students receiving the mayoral proclamation appreciated the City of Dacula’s efforts in naming February Thrombosis Awareness Month in Dacula.

“Receiving a proclamation is an honor, and it is great to know that now, the citizens of Dacula will be more educated about the dangers of thrombosis… I am very excited about this. I hope that this proclamation will save several precious lives,” Athalye said.

Samarth said he was thrilled to receive the proclamation.

“The citizens of Dacula will now be able to take precautionary, and informed decisions regarding their health and lifestyle choices.”

Athalye echoed the students’ sentiments and expressed his appreciation as well.

“The City of Dacula has worked very closely with the Georgia Thrombosis Forum, and I would like to thank the members of the city council along with Honorable Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks.”

Georgia Thrombosis Forum is an affiliate of the North American Thrombosis Forum (NATF, www.NATFonline. org). “The mission of GTF is to spread the awareness of thrombosis, network with various groups involved in thrombosis, train young volunteers for writing, presenting, and gaining knowledge of thrombosis, arrange publications in various media involving GTF’s efforts in the community, and allow the youth volunteers to organize, plan, and handle all the activities”, Athalye said.

For more information about thrombosis and GTF, visit their website at www.gtfonline.net. For more information about the North American Thrombosis Forum (NATF), visit their website at www.natfonline.org.