Decatur - Women in labor at DeKalb Medical now have a new option to manage pain. Nitrous oxide, frequently used in dentist’s offices, has been proven advantageous for pain relief during labor.

DeKalb Medical is the first hospital in metro Atlanta and the second in Georgia to offer Nitrous Oxide. Northeast Georgia Medical Center became the first in August of 2016.

“Patients like using nitrous oxide because it’s safe for them and their baby. It is self-administered and allows women to manage the discomfort of labor and post-birth while remaining alert and conscious,” said Rose Horton, Executive Director of DeKalb Medical’s Maternity Services.



Nitrous oxide takes the edge off a mother’s intense contractions during labor while maintaining the feel and awareness of natural child birth. It is also a good option for mothers who arrive too late to receive an epidural or those that cannot have an epidural because of other medical issues.

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