Brenda Bedingfield (Center) with friends Sue Briscoe (Left) and Starr Hendrick (Right) enjoy an afternoon at Brenda’s home with Christmas cheer.

There’s never any doubt on Ethridge Road in Auburn that the Christmas season has arrived thanks to Brenda Bedingfield. Christmas abounds at her house and is a source of great joy and cheer for many.

Brenda Bedingfield shows off her Old Fashion Utensil Tree in her kitchenBrenda Bedingfield shows off her Old Fashion Utensil Tree in her kitchenBrenda explains, “Well, I go a little bit crazy at Christmas. I just love it. I love sharing the joy in my heart for Christmas.” The decorations start outside and flow in. There’s a large family of snowmen in the yard. Wreaths, garland and pillows on the swing welcome you shines with Christmas dishes and crystal.

Brenda hosts many a party during the holiday season, including her ladies fellowship group, her Red Hat Club, and her Sunday School class at New Hope Baptist. In addition to her party guests, Friends and family drop in throughout the holidays to explore and enjoy her home. Recently her granddaughter brought five ladies from her office by to see the wonder of it all.

When people visit Brenda notices that they tend to draw to a favorite spot. Brenda’s personal favorite is her Victorian bedroom. The furniture belonged to her parents. The décor is soft and romantic and has a special feel. Her daughter loves the unique old fashion utensil tree in the kitchen.

Brenda has always enjoyed decorating for the holidays and it all just seemed to balloon through the years. When she lost her husband in 2006, that Christmas was exceptionally hard, so she really focused more effort on her decorating that year and it seemed to grow to a new level. Brenda said, “It helped keep me busy and give me something fun to focus on.”

Brenda tells that each year is a fresh new start. Everything in the house doesn’t have a set place and decorations come and go. She loves to mix things up and move them around to make each year feel different. 



Brenda Bedingfield’s home is ‘Nana’s Place’ and it’s filled with holiday cheerBrenda Bedingfield’s home is ‘Nana’s Place’ and it’s filled with holiday cheerWhile the Santas, elves and reindeer abound, Brenda makes a conscious effort to place a nativity scene in each room and a bible on the beds. She says she wants to be sure that those who visit her Christmas wonderland never forget what Christmas is really all about. Brenda says, “No matter what you do and how much stuff you have, we need to remember that Christmas is all about Our Savior.”

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