Special Kneads kitchen staff.

Special Kneads and Treats will serve as collection point for donated wheelchairs, walkers and other medical equipment

Stone Mountain GA – Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC), a non-profit organization providing durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies to those living with disability, has partnered with Lawrenceville bakery Special Kneads and Treats to provide a collection point for used equipment.



The bakery, which operates as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit business, hires special needs adults once they age out of county programs, will join FODAC’s network of twenty Atlanta metro donation sites, where DME is collected for FODAC to refurbish and then redistribute to those in need, at little or no cost to the recipient.

While Special Kneads and Treats provides employment opportunities for adults with physical and developmental disabilities, its primary mission is to provide birthday cakes for disadvantaged and at-risk youth in the community, including those in the foster system, homeless shelters, low-income families, transitional housing and in the juvenile justice system. The cakes are provided to the children and their caregivers at no charge, bringing “a little joy to those children who are sometimes forgotten on their ‘special day,’” said Kohler.

“We are grateful for the work Michael and his bakery do in and for the special needs community,” said Chris Brand, president and CEO of FODAC. “We are proud to have them join our network of collection sites and look forward to the donations coming in from customers and neighbors who support their work.”

Special Kneads and Treats is located at 156 Scenic Highway in Lawrenceville.