Suzanne and Matthew Holtkamp

The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning is pleased to announce the results of a strategic partnership with Holtkamp Heating & Air. In addition to generously sponsoring free admission to our galleries for all in 2017 which generated hundreds of new visitors, the Holtkamp team also serviced all of the Center’s HVAC systems and installed 18 new smart thermostats to maximize energy efficiency. 

According to Executive Director Ife Williams, “By offering free admission to our galleries, the Holtkamps have helped us eliminate barriers and broaden our audience by over 2000 gallery attendees for those that would otherwise be unable to gain exposure to the arts. Additionally, thanks to their heating and air efficiency expertise, we’ve saved several thousand dollars in utility costs that can now be put to good use for our non-profit mission to bring the arts to all. Finally, the Holtkamps will be sponsoring 40 passes this year for free classes to give local citizens the gift of art, some of which will be used to help children enjoy artistic summer camps.” 



Thanks to the Holtkamp Family’s generosity, Hudgens Center visitors can continue enjoying free access to the galleries immediately by attending the current exhibitions, The Future of America (featuring photographs of American youth) and The Nature of Wood: Woodturning Art by Wes Jones. 

Holtkamp Heating & Air has provided residents of Gwinnett County and surrounding areas with high-quality customer service for over 20 years. Owners, Matthew and Suzanne, have a strong commitment to the local arts community. 

“Our family has been heavily involved in the arts in Gwinnett County for many years, and an ongoing relationship with the Hudgens Center is a natural fit for us,” said Suzanne. “The organization is one of the crown jewels of the local arts scene, and we’re thrilled to help everyone in our community gain free access to this world-class facility and provide numerous certificates to take some of their phenomenal classes. Our family foundation motto is ‘Connecting our Community,’ and this is the ideal opportunity to help connect Gwinnett’s citizens with the arts and so much more.” 

The Hudgens Center is a non-profit organization that has focused on the arts since its establishment in 1981. The Hudgens’ mission is to bring art lovers, leaders and learners together through quality programs and exhibits. That mission is accomplished through visual arts initiatives, such as year-round fine art exhibits and classes for all ages, and community arts initiatives, which reach out to underserved populations.