Music events give guests an opportunity to relax in a park and enjoy live music.

Norcross — Even though we are passing the halfway point for this summer, the city of Norcross has many events to keep the fun going! These events include the Summer Concert Series and Jazz in the Alley, both offer a relaxing evening in a park listening to live music and the opportunity to enjoy delicious, ‘portable’ food from our downtown merchants while doing so.



Summer Concert Series features a talented list of acts that will be performing in Thrasher Park from 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Jazz in the Alley similarly features an incredible line up of Jazz artists and takes place in Betty Mauldin Park.

Dates of Shows:

Jazz 4• June 30- Jae Franklin & Shameia Crawford (Jazz in the Alley)
o Jae Franklin started singing at a young age in her church choir. Now living in Atlanta, Franklin’s voice has grown to where she can cover many different areas of soul music. Shameia Crawford has a powerful voice that can captivate any audience.

• July 6- No Limit (Summer Concert Series)
o No Limit is a fun group whose stage presence can entertain their crowd. Their song selection ranges anywhere from Marvin Gaye to Bruno Mars.

SCS 1• July 20- Liverpool Legends (Summer Concert Series)
o The Liverpool Legends were selected by Louise Harrison, giving them a direct family tie to the original Beatles. Their talents have earned them the right to perform in prominent places such as Carnegie Hall in New York City.

• July 28- Emrah Kotan (Jazz in the Alley)
o Emrah Kotan is a trained jazz percussionist. Kotan’s talents have allowed him to play in many renowned venues around the world.

SCS 3• August 3- Sail On: Beach Boys Tribute (Summer Concert Series)
o This Beach Boys cover band can perfectly sing any tune by the originals to show their audience a good time.

• August 17- Departure: A Journey Tribute (Summer Concert Series)
o This cover band has developed a great on-stage presence with each other. Their energy and musical talent makes for an entertaining show.

• August 18- Greg Robbins & Remey Williams (Jazz in the Alley)
o Greg Robbins has a classy voice that many people have compared to Harry Conick Jr. Remey Williams pairs his talented drum skills with his voice to put on great shows all across the country.

• August 31- A1A (Summer Concert Series)
o This Jimmy Buffet tribute band contains many talented musicians and vocalists. They use these talents to connect with their audience and give them a great show.

• September 1- Eric Thomas (Jazz in the Alley)
o Eric Thomas is a talented saxophonist and vocalist. Thomas combines different genres with jazz to deliver a unique sound to his audiences.

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