The navigation platform is designed to help motorists navigate traffic congestion

The city of Peachtree Corners is partnering with Waze, a navigation platform creating community on and off the road, to alert local motorists of traffic updates, road-construction news, street closures and more in an effort to help reduce vehicle congestion.



Designed as a two-way data sharing program of publicly available traffic information, the Waze Connected Citizens Program promotes safer travel for drivers in Peachtree Corners, along with more than 600 other partners around the world. Through the partnership, the city receives updates on real-time issues reported by users as well as traffic information for all roads in Peachtree Corners. In turn, the city will provide Waze with advance warnings of road construction and closures. This enables Waze to better assist motorists by helping them to avoid road closures and arrive at their destinations faster and more safely.

Under the program, Peachtree Corners can add planned road closures, construction and major event information into the smartphone app to help Waze provide its users with warnings of traffic jams and road hazards along their route. The alerts, which are created by the users, are then used by the city for faster response time to such issues.

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