Allan Wiltshire and “The Andrews Sisters” (L-R: Leslie Pennington, Bonnie Pennington, Theresa Hawkins) perform Christmas Classics

Standards and Classics Concert SerMajor holidays are often a time that we not only celebrate but also reflect. We reflect on those similar moments and how they have evolved over our life. We reflect on the people around us. We reflect on who we miss the most who aren’t beside us for whatever reason. We reflect on what that holiday means to us.

Allan Wiltshire has an extra special gift of reflection to give us —The Standards and Classics Concert Series, a 1960s variety show-type concert with live covers of iconic music from the 40s, 50s, and 60s that celebrate the essence of each holiday. Standards and Classics of Christmas is the first installment of the series. Allan and Standards and Classics partnered with Eddie Owen Presents at the Red ay Theatre for this unique entertainment opportunity for the 2018-2019 season. The Red Clay Theatre, located in Duluth, seats 260, and the Standards and Classics of Christmas Concert will be on December 1st at 8:00 pm.

Allan already had me sold at the music of the 40s, 50s, and 60s—but the real story and a beautiful reason to see these concerts is Allan’s motivation behind this whole concept. Allan travels the country performing this same genre with a professional touring group. Over his travels, Allan collected observations about the people in the audience. This genre of music celebrates our “Greatest Generation”—the WWII Generation, the Builders. This generation is invaluable to the history of our country. They worked hard with little expectation; they sacrificed for their community; they lived toward a higher purpose and felt their life was more than their own. The music that Allan carefully chooses for each Standards and Classics Concert represents those timeless values. “Things have moved so fast and are so different than when this generation grew up. People can lose their identity,” Allan explains, “We can help recreate some memories. It is important to us to give this greatest generation a demonstration of value—not obsolescence.” This concert is not only for those who lived in this era but also for anyone who loves someone of this era as well as those who still appreciate the beauty and grit of life during this generation.

The Christmas Concert kicks off the series with songs lined up that are, indeed, the standards by which our idea of classics formed. These songs are not just familiar tunes, but inseparable from the history of our country. Behind each song is a story. There will be singers, musicians, and costumes. To deepen your experience of each song, Allan gives the history of each song and how each came to be. Often the song we know today has a surprising evolution behind it. Next in the series will be Standards and Classics for Lovers on February 15th around Valentines Day. Allan is particularly excited about the Fourth of July Concert Standards and Classics of Freedom. His own experience gave Allan a change of perspective for this holiday. His son graduated from the Citadel and is a captain in the Marine Corps. Being an American has a deeper meaning to Allan. You will hear him speak from his heart during this particular concert in the series. I got a taste of the passion Allan will share—if you just like this country of ours even a little bit, you do not want to miss this concert. The first three concerts in the Standards and Classics series will be at the Red Clay Theatre. The final show, a late summer Back-to-School celebration, will likely have an outdoor venue still to be determined.



Make sure you purchase your tickets now to get advanced pricing!Make sure you purchase your tickets now to get advanced pricing!Allan’s career has been a traveling one. His travels have shown him incredibly special moments all over the nation. However, one thing he learned from studying this Greatest Generation is the importance of local community—relationships made by handshake to handshake over coffee and conversation. “Greatness of macro starts with greatness of micro—each of us—that’s what Standards and Classics is all about,” says Allan. This concert series is more than feel-good entertainment. It is even more than celebrating the Greatest Generation. Allan is also nurturing his local community. He wants to spend more time close to home building those handshake relationships. Starting with himself through this concert series, Allan intends to live the best parts of the Greatest Generation and try to make sure future generations know these same values. Many of the performers are people he has worked with for over 20 years. Even this fact builds that same sense of community and trust. Standards and Classics is not just a concert—it is the beginning of a movement.

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