Election Day set for March 19, 2019, at City Hall, Early Voting Begins February 25, 2019

The City of Lawrenceville has called for a Special Election on March 19, 2019, for residents to vote on the local adoption of Senate Bill 17 also known as the Sunday Brunch Bill.



Voters will have the opportunity to state their position on whether or not local restaurants should be able to serve alcohol at 11:00 am on Sundays as opposed to the current time of 12:30 pm.

Election Day will be on March 19, 2019, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm at the City Hall (70 South Clayton Street). Early voting begins February 25, 2019, at the same location. Voters will need to enter City Hall and come to the fourth floor to cast their vote.

The City of Lawrenceville wants all residents to know that on this same day, Gwinnett County will also be conducting a Special Election to casts votes for the County-wide Transit Services Referendum. This vote will be taking place at a different location from the City's Brunch Bill vote. Residents are encouraged to check their polling location information to ensure they arrive at the right location for the right issue. For more information on the City's local election process and Brunch Bill Referendum, please visit www.lawrencevillega.org.