Tracey Wells stands at Wells Agency in Grayson.

Jingly television commercials giving the “save 50 percent or more on car insurance” spiel aren’t the style of this US Navy veteran. A professional insurance agent for more than 20 years, Tracey Wells prefers to do business the old-fashioned way — by building relationships face to face.

Wells and his wife, Sonya, privately run their own Farmers Insurance agency in Grayson, Ga. with the help of other trusted employees. They offer commercial and individual policies for automobile, home, and recreational vehicles, and life insurance.



“It’s actually pretty unusual what we do here. We try to use easy terminology so that when you leave here, you will know more about insurance than 90 percent of the population. Most people say they know how it works, but if you asked them to explain it, they couldn’t,” Wells said.

The biggest mistake he’s seen is when folks presume they are an expert, or when they just Google information and assume they don’t need to talk to someone about their policy.

That’s why customer care is a critical component at the Wells Agency. Meeting with clients and having face-to-face relationships isn’t required for most insurance brokers, but for Tracey and Sonya Wells, it’s part of their trademark.

“I’ve learned to treat people the way I want to be treated. I’m not going to be in any one’s face. I’ll tell you your options and leave it up to you.”

If he could do it again, Wells would try a life insurance policy earlier on. “I would have gone with a life insurance policy earlier on and kept up with it. A young person pays much less for life insurance, and over a lifetime, you can ensure your legacy is secured and that you can care for the ones you love in the case of tragedy.”

Husband and wife team Tracey and Sonya Wells are owners of the Wells Farmers Insurance Agency in Grayson.Husband and wife team Tracey and Sonya Wells are owners of the Wells Farmers Insurance Agency in Grayson.During his time in the Navy, Wells traveled extensively to countries like China, the Maldive Islands off the coast of India, Dubai, Kenya, Singapore, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, and the Seychelles Islands. He saw people from all walks of life, and many were impoverished and had next to nothing. These experiences taught him the value of material items and that they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

“People should take their insurance as seriously as they take their attorney, CPA, or doctor. We’re the only ones who will bring you a check. Your only choice is what policy to buy. Give me a moment to explain each of your choices to you, and I’ll lay it out, showing which ones are good, better, best. It may save you from losing everything.”

Whether they’re working with individuals or with businesses, they try to establish relationships of trust. For many of their clients, it can all the difference.

“Don’t think it happens to the other guy, because he thought that too. Banks can garnish your wages and come after the equity on your home. With the right knowledge, you can prevent that from happening,” Wells said.

Those interested in learning more about their policy can call Wells at (678)691-3438. Additionally, Wells regularly posts tips and advice on his YouTube channel. For topics of disaster clean up and water loss he has collaborated with professionals from businesses like Serve Pro to create highly informational episodes.

For now, Wells’ advice is simple. “Don’t text and drive, especially at night because your phones light up in your hand, and if you’re pulled over, your insurance rates can go up.”

In all earnest, he added, “It’s critical to take insurance more seriously. You can get substantially more coverage for much less than you think, and it will be at a better rate, too. I know plenty of people who wish they had before it was too late.”