Mansions' employee Briggett Bartlett enjoys a moment with a resident.

It’s no secret why The Mansions Senior Living has been named the sixth-best place to work in the nation by the Great Place to Work & Fortune for Aging Services. As their online testimonials show, this family-owned business has built its reputation on strong relationships with clients and staff alike, and they bring a personal touch to the burgeoning senior care industry.

“We understand people are people,” said Amy Davis, Executive Vice President of The Mansions. The company now has less than ten properties around the country, and as they’ve grown, they’ve maintained a small business environment, allowing employees to take days for themselves, to go to the doctor and be with their families as needed. We’re a small company, and our size has allowed us to be very intimate and really get to know our employees as individuals,” said Amy.

Amy’s father, Ken Davis, is one of the co-founders of The Mansions. All her life, Amy has witnessed their company stay true to their values, even as it prospered and expanded. Throughout college, she would work summers at various properties and has grown to love everything about the company and its culture.

Their success does not lie in a secret sauce or formula. According to Amy, it draws from genuinely caring about the people on all sides of the business. After all, happy employees are more likely to make for happy customers, and happy clients often make for happy employees, so it’s an environment that truly self- perpetuates.

“I grew up in this business, and my cousin and uncle partner, so we’re very much a family business. We try to extend that out in the buildings as well to our residents and our employees. We’ve grown, but we’re still not a big corporation, so we have that family business culture with wiggle room for our employees to have doctor’s appointments and deal with life as needed,” Amy explained.

Providing options for seniors to live independently or in assisted living, The Mansions has locations in Alpharetta, Decatur, Gwinnett Park, Sandy Springs, and Oklahoma. Their mission is to provide a safe and comfortable place where residents have fun, make new friends and get together with family.

“We love growing our team, and we also love our industry, and helping change people’s lives. It’s awesome to work with our residents. It’s growing, and it’s just so rewarding to fill this need in the communities we work in,” Amy said.