GCPS to provide meals for students at 68 school sites plus bus stops

Gwinnett County Public Schools updated work schedules and decision to provide meals for students during March 16-20 Digital Learning Days

Plans for GCPS employees for the week of March 16-20

On Thursday, March 12, Gwinnett County Public Schools announced that the week of March 16-20 would be Digital Learning Days for students. During next week’s Digital Learning Days, all teachers who are leading digital lessons will work from home. All other school-based staff will report to school locations and all district staff will report to work. Transportation supervisors will communicate work details directly to bus drivers and monitors. 

Meals for students during March 16-20:

As part of next week’s (March 16-20) work schedule, School Nutrition staff and Transportation staff will coordinate to provide meals for students. GCPS will provide lunch for anyone 18 or younger at 68 school sites in the district. (The list of school sites is found below.) These lunches will be provided at no cost to the individual through the federal School Nutrition Program. The student must be present to receive the meal. These 68 sites will be open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for meal pick-up. In addition, GCPS school buses will make lunches available for pick up at bus stops near the 68 sites. Information about estimated delivery times at these bus stops will be shared on the GCPS website once they are finalized. (http://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/gcps/home)



The following schools will provide lunch for pick-up to anyone 18 years old or younger the week of March 16-20:

Alcova Elementary School
Alford Elementary
Anderson-Livsey Elementary School
Annistown Elementary School
Arcado Elementary School
Baggett Elementary School
Baldwin Elementary
Beaver Ridge Elementary School
Benefield Elementary School
Berkeley Lake Elementary School
Berkmar High School
Berkmar Middle School
Bethesda Elementary School
Britt Elementary School
Cedar Hill Elementary School
Centerville Elementary School
Central Gwinnett High School
Chesney Elementary School
Corley Elementary School
Discovery High School
Duluth High School
Duluth Middle School
Ferguson Elementary School
Grace Snell Middle School
Graves Elementary School
Gwinnett InterVention Education - (GIVE) Center East
Gwinnett Intervention Education - (GIVE) Center West
Harris Elementary School
Hopkins Elementary School
Jackson Elementary School
Jenkins Elementary School
Jordan Middle School
Kanoheda Elementary School
Knight Elementary School
Lawrenceville Elementary School
Lilburn Elementary School
Lilburn Middle School
Lovin Elementary School
Magill Elementary School
McKendree Elementary School
Meadowcreek Elementary School
Meadowcreek High School
Minor Elementary School
Moore Middle School
Nesbit Elementary School
Norcross Elementary School
Norcross High School
Northbrook Middle School
Norton Elementary School
Partee Elementary School
Paul Duke STEM High School
Peachtree Elementary School
Pinckneyville Middle School
Radloff Middle School
Richards Middle School
Rockbridge Elementary School
Rosebud Elementary School
Shiloh Elementary School
Shiloh High School
Shiloh Middle School
Simonton Elementary School
Snellville Middle School
South Gwinnett High School
Stripling Elementary School
Summerour Middle School
Sweetwater Middle School
Sycamore Elementary School
Winn Holt Elementary School

In a statement on Thursday, March 12 Gwinnett County Public Schools announced upcoming Digital Learning Days beginning Monday, March 16 in response to the coronavirus. Friday, March 13, was a scheduled student/teacher holiday for Gwinnett County Public Schools. March 16-20, GCPS will hold Digital Learning Days. On Thursday, March 19, the school system will announce its plans for March 23-27, following a thorough review of the COVID-19 situation at that time. All GCPS events and activities were canceled beginning 6am, Friday, March 13, until further notice. This includes all school events, extracurricular activities, school-related trips, community school events, and facility rentals.