The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners on August 18th adopted 2020 millage rates to fund county services. The rate for Maintenance and Operations for the General Fund was lowered to 6.95 mills, down from 7.209 mills in 2019. Required notices for the millage rate adoption were published in the county's legal organ Sunday, Aug. 9.

Financial Services Director Buffy Alexzulian reported that the value of net taxable property in Gwinnett increased about 6.5 percent from the 2019 value. "We have been fortunate to see steady growth in the tax digest in recent years, allowing the Board to roll back the General Fund millage rate when they can," says Alexzulian.

Property taxes are based on millage rates set by county government, the schools and cities. One mill equals a dollar tax per thousand dollars of assessed property value.



The Gwinnett County Tax Assessor calculates the total value of all property in the county, called the tax digest, by conducting annual updates of residential and commercial property. Gwinnett property owners have been notified of this year's assessed values.

The Board also set the rates for Recreation, Police, Fire & EMS, Development and Enforcement and Economic Development. The 2020 total of all county property tax millage rates for property owners in unincorporated Gwinnett County is 14.71 mills. This total does not include millage rates for schools or for cities. Millage rates for service districts like Police and Fire & EMS, are based on property location and county services provided. Details on millage rates are available online at

Tuesday's action paved the way for the Tax Commissioner's Office to mail property tax bills later this year. Property owners or mortgage lenders can make payments by mail, online, by phone, at the main tax office in person or by using one of the special drop boxes located at tax and tag offices.