Gwinnett employees required to wear face masks starting July 18

Visitors to County facilities strongly encouraged to wear masks

In response to increasing COVID-19 case numbers, Gwinnett County is requiring all employees and strongly encouraging visitors to wear face masks or face coverings while inside county buildings and facilities effective July 18.

Mask requirements for visitors inside courtrooms will be at the discretion of the presiding judge.

Gwinnett County’s COVID-19 Community Level — which is determined by hospital bed usage, hospital admissions and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in the community — is high. When community levels are high, the CDC recommends wearing a well-fitting mask indoors in public, regardless of vaccination status or individual risk.



The mandatory face mask policy for employees is intended to protect County workers as they provide essential services to the public, said County Administrator Glenn Stephens.

“For two and a half years, our employees have adapted to provide running water, safe roads, emergency response and other critical services to residents,” said Stephens. “It is imperative that we keep our workforce safe to continue to deliver the superior quality services our residents expect and deserve.”