Fentanyl is fatal.  Fatal is forever

Fight against fentanyl in neighboring Hall County will be live streamed and recorded for the public to shine light and information on crisis within communities

Gainesville-Hall County, Georgia: The Partnership for a Drug Free Hall and community partners will host a forum – The Fight Against Fentanyl – on Thursday December 8th. The forum will be presented in two sessions – to Gainesville City and Hall County high school students during the day and to the community in the evening. Both sessions will be live streamed and recorded (DrugFreeHall.org). The evening session is geared towards adults and parents and is free and open to the public.

Fentanyl is Fatal. Fatal is Forever. Fentanyl played a part in killing 856 Georgians in 2021, compared to 392 in 2019. The December 8th forum is part of The Partnership for a Drug Free Hall’s campaign to create awareness. The focus of the campaign is to share the realities of the fatal drug Fentanyl and how it is affecting our children, our friends, our businesses, and the community.

Fentanyl in Georgia

Drug overdoses have been increasing nationally and in Georgia in recent years, driven largely by the presence of Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids in the drug supply. In Georgia, from 2019 to 2021, drug overdose deaths increased by 61% and Fentanyl-involved overdose deaths increased by 230%, representing 2,404 and 1,294 lives lost respective in 2021. Among adolescents (persons aged 10-19 years), Fentanyl-involved overdose deaths rose 800% in the same period. The proportion of adolescent overdose deaths involving fentanyl rose from 25% to 80%.

Drug Overdose Syndromic Surveillance Monthly Reports:
Drug Overdose Syndromic Surveillance Monthly Reports | Georgia Department of Public Health

Quarterly Drug Overdose Surveillance Reports:
Quarterly Drug Overdose Surveillance Reports | Georgia Department of Public Health

Stimulant Overdose Annual Surveillance:
Stimulant Overdose Annual Surveillance | Georgia Department of Public Health

Opioid Overdose Annual Surveillance:
Opioid Overdose Annual Surveillance | Georgia Department of Public Health

Adolescent Opioid Surveillance:
Overdose Deaths Among Adolescents | Georgia 2019-2021

Statistics and Resources Published by the Georgia Department of Public Health. Contact Deandra Massey, Public Health Surveillance Analyst, with any questions, 678-717-4910. Deandra.massey@dph.ga.gov



According to a 2019-2020 report by the CDC:

Just 2 MG of Fentanyl can cause certain death
Fentanyl is involved in over 59% of opioid deaths
4 out of every 10 pills contains a potentially deadly dose of fentanyl
150 people die EVERY DAY from synthetic opioids (mostly Fentanyl)

Student Session
December 8, 2022
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Gainesville High School Student Activity Center

City of Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish and other representatives from law enforcement will share the realities of Fentanyl and how this deadly drug is being marketed. A recent high school graduate will share a personal experience of substance abuse and a message of hope.

Community Session
December 8, 2022
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The Hub at Gainesville High School
830 Century Place, Gainesville GA 30501

City of Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish will educate attendees on the warning signs of illegal substance use, how to detect it, and how to help someone you care about if you suspect Fentanyl or opioid misuse by a friend or family member. A young adult will share personal stories of how they hid use from parents, how they wished their parents would have talked to them, and other important insights. A local addiction professional will also provide information on how to talk to your child about drug use.

The community forum is presented by the Partnership for a Drug Free Hall and is sponsored by Project Aware Georgia, Gainesville High School, and Avita Community Partners.

Both forum sessions will be live-streamed and recorded for later viewing at DrugFreeHall.org

Partnership for a Drug Free Hall (PDFH) is an alliance that engages the community to create conditions toward the prevention and reduction of substance abuse. PDFH is comprised of agencies and community members dedicated to providing Gainesville-Hall County with information, resources and actions to address illegal drugs and substance abuse in our community. Alcohol and drug addictions destroy lives, but working together, we can help those struggling with addiction and their families learn to live in recovery and lead fulfilling, productive lives. drugfreehall.org