Christmas Love Box
Peace, love and joy... the real gems 
By Beth Volpert

Leaving a loving legacy defines Christine Martinello. Over the years, without her realizing it, she was developing the kind of good leadership and parenting skills that naturally show her love for her family and the natural extension of that love to those she meets. From those meetings come the gems of peace, love and joy that everyone needs. 

As the owner of Training Solutions Int’l, Christine has shared her insights about leadership, loving life and Momager topics through public speaking, television, radio and books. The idea that her own family skills might be useful to others has given rise to a career that has coined the term Momager which is Mom + Manager.



The reach of her spirit into the lives of others has evoked a response; an outpouring of support for a project of another kind. Each year, since 1999, Christine and her husband, Bob, have been using what they came to call a Christmas Love Box to facilitate the giving of the gifts of love to each other and their children. In 2004, Christine began to incorporate the idea of the Christmas Love Box into her two-hour program, Holiday 911. “I heard so much complaining about stress during the holidays, that I wanted to help people reprioritize the season,” says Christine. “Christmas is about love and celebrating the birth of Christ.” 

christmasloveboxteam 440
                              Christmas Love Box team

Bob and Christine, and a team of talented artists created the box design, wrote the book for adults and children, prepared the templates for the notes and readied their website. It was a huge push and the pair have grown closer during the process. They are looking forward to the Christmas season when other families, some they know and others who will remain strangers, experience the deeper meaning of the Christmas season by instilling the highest of all things, love, into the lives of their families. “People will be able to take these notes wherever they want them to be,” says Christine. “They are little glittering gems that can respark the feelings that are evoked by the simple writing of a love note.” 

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