Pop-up Public Market set for May 16 thanks to ARC grant

Snellville – A meet-up event extraordinaire; a Pop-Up Public Marketplace is expected to draw hundreds of visitors to a catalyst site of The Towne Center @ Snellville May 16, thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission.



The Wisteria Pop-Up Marketplace, to be located on 10.5 acres of city-owned property on Wisteria Drive across from the Snellville Police Department, will offer a one-day experiential event showcasing local businesses and entrepreneurs. 

 “Local? Sustainable? Entrepreneurial? Healthy? Place making? Have you heard of lifelong communities?” asked Eric Van Otteren, the city’s Economic Development manager. “Lifelong communities provide a full range of options for residents, ensuring a high quality of life for all. The city of Snellville’s award of a Lifelong Tactical Urbanism Demonstration Project grant will allow the community of Snellville an opportunity to experience the benefits of a public market and how it enriches ongoing community initiatives.’ 

Planters may line Wisteria Drive to form a lane for bicyclists and pedestrians to access the event. Reserve seats for a white tablecloth restaurant are planned. A local chef will prepare a farm-to-table menu. A yoga instructor and displays of mixed use housing projects will also be on display. Students from South Gwinnett High School will create a space that shares their vision of the picture perfect Snellville.

“I am very excited about the coming together of Snellville’s community and business organizations to demonstrate a next step in serving persons of varied ages and interests to learn and experience how a lifelong community looks and feels,” Van Otteren said. “Public markets are a wonderful year-round, multi-vendor activity. The merchants within tend to be independent owner-operators who are often, but not always, involved in the production of the products they sell.”

A group comprised of city officials, local business owners and leaders and students from SGHS will be meeting to plan the event. Volunteers are needed to help with the marketplace. Local businesses are encouraged to participate to help propel the pop-up event. 

For more information visit www.snellville.org or call Van Otteren at 770-985-3502.