Buy Georgia Products
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Enthusiasm is key when advocating for your cause. For Jason Moss of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance, enthusiasm unlocks doors that lead to better business for each of the members.



Jason has extended the basic business-to-business networking model for the benefit of Georgia manufacturers, job shops, engineers, and services. The Alliance also seeks to inform consumers on how to purchase Georgia manufactured products. 

Jason started out in software sales which was where he was first introduced to the concept of B2B marketing and networking. “I began learning more about personalized marketing,” says Jason. “I loved the concept of doing business that way.” Having a knack for networking along with watching the continued loss of jobs and production to foreign countries helped prompt the establishment of The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. “When it comes to basic networking, the whole manufacturing industry sort of got passed over,” says Jason. “The industry has very specific needs and they need to connect with those who can fill those needs.” 

Connecting the manufacturers to those who can fill their needs and use their services earned Jason the 2015 Georgia Entertainment Gala’s Community Leader Award. The black-tie event and awards ceremony, held on January 10th, brought together the members of the Georgia entertainment industry. “I received the award because of the work I had done in the entertainment industry to make better inroads with the companies that can offer goods and services that benefit both.” says Jason. “For example, the industry needs stunt ramps, uniforms for actors, and building materials.” Moving forward, The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance will continue to make connections with Georgia’s entertainment industry to build relationships for a stronger Georgia economy. 

Building a stronger Georgia economy has garnered the attention of Governor Deal. In a ceremony on the capitol steps on March 4th, the governor will present a proclamation declaring June the official “Buy From Georgia” month. “If the people of Georgia would buy the Duracell batteries made in LaGrange, we could have a huge impact on the jobs there,” says Jason. “A 10% increase in demand on 500 jobs would equal fifty new jobs; that’s a real benefit to the state.” 

During the month of June, the Alliance will be showcasing the products made in Georgia in a push to educate the public about the goods available from their home state. 

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance holds several meetings each month in a variety of places. The meetings bring together manufacturers and service industries within the state for mutual benefit. Plant tours are a highlight and are extremely educational. 

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